LED Surgical Light (Mobile)


  • Number of LED’s: 30
  • Lux intensity at 1 meter: 160,000.
  • Spring Balanced Articulated Arm.
  • LED light is mounted on Four numbers Anti-static castors with diagonal locks.
  • Mixture of yellow and white LED to make a natural day light, Pure white light can also be possible.
  • LED Light (Mobile with Battery Backup)
  • Single LED Replaceable.
  • Focus Adjustable with use of sterilisable removable handle.
  • Lux intensity adjustable by digital control.
  • Contentious dimmer, field adjustment and focus adjustment is available with an Endo mode i.e auxiliary light source.
  • Battery Backup of 30 minutes is provided.
  • Technical
    • Color Temperature: 4300K
    • Dome Dia.: 600 mm
    • Life Span of LED Light: 50000 hours.
  • Optional Accessories
    • Extra Sterillisable handle
    • Extra Fuse
  • Power Supply: 220 V AC Supply.


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